We are a production company that provides solutions in:


2D, 3D animation, motion, VFX or Graphic Computing with filming (live action), for different segments and platforms in advertising, corporate, entertainment (content) and education areas.


We create characters for companies in the advertising, entertainment and education areas. To capture the audience, we work with research, aesthetic and psychological contents allied with versatility and charisma as features.


We develop illustrations for different uses. From cartoon to realism, we illustrate in mixed, 2D, 3D and photographic techniques.


Live experiences, with characters interacting live, films with 3D stereoscopy, interactive videos, web experiences.


Mini games and interactive activities. Joining the expertise in animation with interactivity, we create games for advertising, corporate, entertainment and education segments, in different formats, from apps to event totems.



Mono e Sioux se unem para criar novo núcleo de conteúdo e desenvolvimento de produtos próprios.

Juntas as empresas fortalecem seus portfólios de grandes clientes e oferecem ainda mais possibilidades em tecnologia, games e animação.