Sioux and Mono get together to create a new Creative Group for the development of new own products

Together both companies strengthen their portfolios of big clients and can offer even more possibilities in technology, games and animation.

Collaborative Working is a tendency as well as the share of a fisical space as the share of skills and habilities. What sets apart the content core of Sioux and Mono is the sum of 25 years of experiences of the companies in innovation to big brands and the maturity acumulated of their own products.

The specialties of this new Creative Group travel by projects of all segments of consume, technology, entertainment, branded content, third sector, animation 2D and 3D, development of apps and games, gamification, virtual reality, social media, digital marketing, etc. Everything that is needed to communicate a product or service, using what is there of more innovating in technology and language.

Beginning of the Partnership Sioux/Mono

In 2015, Sioux and Mono begin to discuss the market of animation, games and content in the academical events in which both were mediators. Bruno Bask, from Mono, and Guilherme Camargo, from Sioux, have met the jobs of both companies and shared their challenges, what created an empathy for the projects of each and didn’t take too long to arise opportunities for the companies get envolved, as well as their teams, not just in techniques and artistical styles, but also in culture and management.

Recently, the companies unite their creative and technology skills for a nem campaign at the end of the past year to the ONG Médecin sans frontières.

The Future

For the beginning of 2017 there is at least two big own projects in which the Creative Group will be in action: the first is Buba, an animation that has already won international prizes and will have an integrated digital strategy uniting games and animation. The other is the restructuring of Brincando na Rede, one of the most accessed educacional sites in Brasil, focused on financial education and sustentability. Besides these, there will be the colaboration on the continuity of the developing of the products Moovieplay, some interative experiences for big screens, and Ludos Pro, a gaming plataform.

This is just the beginning of this partnership, showing that experience and entrepeneur vision can result in even more different projects, encouraging the creation of new sources and innovating models of work.

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Sobre a Sioux

SiouxAbout Sioux

“ For us, interaction is not just pressing a button. Its to create connections between people and brands, to entertain, educate, to simplify tasks through technology. Gamification since always.”
Sioux is a interative technology agency, recognized as one of the references of gamification, advergames and development of games in Brasil. Founded in 2001, the company works with four business unities: Tech (Development), Play (publisher of games), Comm (communication) and IP (own products). Throughout that time, we develop thousands of projects, consolized own products and our apps reaching millions of downloads. Our target is to creat the bond between people and brands, engaging through technology. We worked with companies as Santander, Brookfield, Telefônica, Bunge, Warner, Diamond Films, Ubisoft, Cinemark, Grow, Estrela, Light, Scania, Canon, Europ Assistance, Ingenico, etc.

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Sobre a Mono

monoAbout Mono

“Always in the search of a new experience of telling a story”


Mono Studio searches for creatives solutions in animation movies, ilustration, characters, visual experiencies and mini-games. With 10 years of industry, we always connect content with new technologies and plataforms, plus the expertise of producing for different formats, as Social Media, Branded Content, Online and Offline, Institucional, Interative experiences and Prints. We act in the markets of Content (Entertainment), Advertising, Corporate and Educacional. Among our clients: NBC Universal, Havaianas, Jornal Estadão, Porto Seguro, Even, Ford and Unilever.

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