Know Mono.
Know Mono.

Mono conveys in each of its productions an ideal of animation that surpasses the traditional, prioritizing innovation and a mix of techniques.
Our focus is on originality and fun – each project must have a soul from its conception to the final cut. With 10 years of experience, it has conducted several projects for different segments and platforms, which differentiates it when it comes to giving ideas and executing the next projects. It works with animation solutions in different techniques and styles, and mixes them with image capturing. We work in the Advertising (ATL, BTL and digital), Corporate (institutional, external and internal), Entertainment (short-feature, long-feature and series contents) and Educational areas.

Mono is passionate about creating and cocreating, executing with attention to details and delivering with brilliance. It dances to whatever song is playing, but also loves to write its own tunes. It is creative, with organization. It is easy to work with and committed. It is theoretical and practical. It is avant-garde and also traditional. It dreams with its feet firmly planted on the ground. It is managed by artists with vision and market experience and has professionals from different backgrounds and profiles who complement each other as a team. It provides clear and respectful service and speaks the market language. Its three founding partners are like pieces of a puzzle that fit together and are rooted on the same place:

Bruno Bask

“Bruno Bask” has worked for over a decade with computer graphics and animation. The company’s Creative Director, he likes to develop stories and turn them into audiovisual narratives. This interest began on his childhood, when he observed kites in the sky while playing with his friends. Today, with the same attention, he watches kids and sees where the wind blows, in the pursuit of his professional and personal inspirations. Confession: “Bask” is not his last name, but a nickname from his school years. If you want to know the story behind it, send an e-mail! Bask has a diploma in Advertising and Filmmaking, and some of his short-feature films have been exhibited in festivals throughout Brazil.

Eduardo Nakamura

“Naka” is a man of few words, but of many drawings (in paper or in a tablet). With a diploma in Advertising, he is an illustrator since college, when he started to develop characters and illustrations professionally. Nearly 15 years ago, searching for new artistic expressions, he found a new passion on 3D. He is also specialized in modeling and in photorealistic rendering, with illustrations highlighted and awarded in other countries. Naka likes to design characters and, as Art and Creative Director, he leads the visual concepts for the Mono projects. He is the “falsest” Japanese of the trio – he doesn’t like Japanese food, but if you say the words “soccer” or “feijoada”, his presence is guaranteed.

Rui Okusako

“Rui Ok” started working with animation in the mid-2000s. At that time, he was one of the few professionals dedicated to studying 3D effects in Brazil and took charge of the rendering, illumination and composition parts to complement his first work team. With a diploma in Advertising, he is currently the company’s Production Director, designing workflows and planning tools for different projects. His mission is to make the production walk, run or fly, as the case may be. He loves Japanese wood engraving and noir movies. During his free time, he surfs with his longboard, enjoys going to bookstores and jazz clubs, and manipulates mobile photos. When there is no free time, he drinks coffee.